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Engine Combos: Dyno Proven

These are ALL dyno proven engine combos for the 350, 383, 406, and 454 chevrolet engines.
All of which make great candidates for that camaro in your garage. These are all very streetable engines that work on 92 octane pump gas. I have tried to include mostly budget built combos that are obviously more attainable for the masses. All are based on using the typical performance parts such as aluminum intakes, headers, etc. which is all denoted for each engine combination. Each engine combo includes: heads, compression, cam, intake, carburetion, etc.. I have kept this limited to the most common engine swaps and buildups as a basis for gathering information. This will help you in searching for that perfect street worthy buildup you've been planning for some time now.

  350 (5.7)

350 320HP/360TQ
350 335HP/375TQ
350 355HP/405TQ
350 360HP/400TQ
350 375HP/405TQ
350 380HP/400TQ
350 385HP/410TQ
350 390HP/415TQ
350 405HP/430TQ
350 410HP/430TQ
350 415HP/420TQ
350 420HP/415TQ

  383 (6.3) / 406 (6.6)

383 335HP/425TQ
383 365HP/435TQ
383 420HP/465TQ
383 425HP/450TQ
406 355HP/455TQ
406 420HP/440TQ
406 450HP/505TQ

  454 (7.4)

454 420HP/470TQ
454 455HP/495TQ
454 540HP/535TQ